The Iceman Limited is your one-stop shop for drinks and ice in Kenya. We provide on-demand, hassle-free delivery to businesses, homes, retail outlets, restaurants and hotels. Our ice is the best quality available anywhere. Our prices will surprise you—and so will our customer service!
The Iceman Limited offers a new and exciting range of ice sculptures. Would you like to WOW your guests with a pair of meter high swans? With The Iceman’s ice sculptures: the possibilities are endless....
The Iceman Limited also manage bars of all sizes, from a BBQ in the garden for a handful of friends right up to major corporate and sporting events with 20,000 + visitors. Take a look at our Parties page for more information.

The Iceman Limited is the largest manufacturer of ice cubes in Kenya and we supply more than 60 retail and trade outlets. In addition we supply most of the major hotel chains in Kenya. Take a look at our Ice Manufacture page for more information



The Iceman Limited - 0723 816366 or 0723 719368 - sales@theiceman.co.ke